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In the current generation, the internet has become the prime medium for businesses. Thanks to the advancement of technology, new platforms are created to promote your business online throughout the world. Among them, the most commonly used platform for advertising or business promotion is a dedicated website for your business.  

A website can act as a powerful tool which allows customers to get information about your business. Through a website, you can build something which can inspire people to avail your service and spread your company name without much work. But to do so, you have to choose a good web designing service to develop your business website. There are various types of designing service available to choose from. That’s why selecting the proper service to achieve your business goal is very important. Among all the type of web designing service, the most sophisticated is static web designing service.  

Why Static Website Designing is Better Than Other

Based on website nature, there are two type of websites available. One is a static website and another one is a dynamic website. Both have their own abilities and functionalities which help them to compete with each other. But when it comes to selecting a service for creating or modifying a website at an affordable budget and at a short time then static website designing will definitely be the right choice. If we talk about its performance then, with the HTML and CSS language you can get a website which completely meets your liking and expectation. Even though the service is cheap and quick to get, but it doesn’t compromise the end result to do so. You can easily improve your website search ranking with the help of static web designing services. There are couples of advantages associated with a static website, some of them are:  


For most of the website you will occasionally come across with the “The connection could not be established” problem. This particular error happens when your website is not able to access the database. But with static website design, you don’t have to worry about getting such types of error messages. The static website serves just basic HTML files which makes it easier to host them anywhere with ease. In case your server gets affected by some kind of error, the static website will redirect to the closest node. You will not get this feature in other types of website. For example, if you use a dynamic website, the server will be down for several hours for the same kind of problem

Faster Speed

In a static website, you will not get any database or other middleman factors. For that reason, the loading process of a static website is much easier and faster than other websites. Another reason for its fast speed is, it can be served from the node closest to the browser. In a recent comparison, it is noticed that static websites load ten times faster than dynamic websites, which is a not at all a small thing. In a research, it is found that around 50% people expect the website to load within 2 seconds. More than 30% of people left the website after 5 seconds of waiting. This statistic indicates how important a single second is for a website. Thus, if you are running a business website, then using a static website will help you to get more traffic by reducing the abandon rate for the slow loading.

Easy Modification

To be able to keep on adding new features and make modifications according to the need of the market is a must for any business website. When you are running a dynamic website you will often face the complex coding issue during the customization. But when it comes to the static website, it contains simple HTML files. You can easily increase the scalability of the static website by increasing the bandwidth.

Cost-efficient Website

If you compare the development cost of a static website, it’s much cheaper than the dynamic website design. As we already know, you don’t have to manage any database such as WordPress for a static website. The pages in the static website consists of a form of physical files and serve directly from the server. If you are running a small business or you are new in the market then the static website is best for you to make an online presence with a limited budget for marketing.

Solid Security

As we know, a static website does not contain any database in the website. So you don’t have to be worried about website hacking through SQL injection and cross-site scripting attack. Also, a static website does not contain any server-side platform or CMS with an unpatched database, which reduces the chances of hacking through other mediums.

Ease of Functionality

With static websites, you will be not forced to work with the pre-programmed plug-in. You can easily use your own code to create the functionality you exactly require. Modifying or reshaping an image to match the look you require is also easy with a static website. You will be also allowed to add any font within your website, to improve the website performance.

Less Time to Create

Static websites doesn’t need any complicated coding or other stuff to develop, Thus, it takes a very short time to create a static website for business. Business is all about time and money. With fast development ability of static website, you will get a website which can increase your business visibility at a very short time.

Benefits of Choosing Our Static Web Designing Service

If you are looking for a static web designing services in US, then we are the best choice for you. Our professionals have gained several years of experience by providing a premium level of static websites to our clients. Our innovative programming team can develop a website which can leave your jaw open. We also have in-depth knowledge about the fundamentals of static website development. So, there is no task hard enough for us related to a static website. So let’s have a quick look at the features of our services:

  • We provide user-friendly navigation with our web design.
  • Downloading information like brochures and image becomes easy with our static web designing service.
  • We also customize the website with the eye-catching layout, picture and information which can dramatically improve the appearance in a short time
  • We are expert at providing a website which can get top ranking in search result.
  • When it comes to getting a website at a short time and affordable budget without compromising the quality of service then we will be the best for you.

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If you think that we are the perfect choice to develop a static website for your company then contact our US Websites Development at toll-free number [ ]. Our experts are available 24*7 to support you with any kind of requirement related to service. If you get a busy tone in our helpline number then you can also use our sophisticated online chat features. Also, you can drop a mail to our email address with a proper business proposal. We make sure that we include all the finest resources to enhance our client’s website.

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