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In today’s digital age, everything is online. Therefore, in order to keep pace with the ever-changing world, you will need a functioning website. In this context, responsive web designing is gaining popularity day by day. This approach refers to a web designing that allows the web pages to render well on a wide range of devices. Therefore, if you build your site using responsive web design, users will get to utilize all the benefits of your website, irrespective of the size of the screen from which they are browsing. In other words, responsive design optimizes the layout to present in a different path such as resizing, panning and scrolling which helps to read and navigate in any screen size.

If you own any business or write blogs, then it’s time you take this type of web design into consideration. Accordingly, for professional responsive web design services, get in touch with US Website Development.

The Importance of Responsive Web Development in Business

According to statistics, responsive design improves a share market easily. Here is a list where we shortlist the importance of responsive web designing.

  • It reaches to the customers and clients on tablets and other smartphones equally.
  • The user has a valuable experience which can enhance lead generation, sales, and conversions.
  • This includes analytics, tracking, and reporting, available at the same time in one place.
  • Time and cost to generate mobile-friendly responsive web pages are less.
  • It has lower bounce rates and high conversion rates.
  • It improves the mobile traffic.
  • Enhances the online and offline experience with a smooth and easy way and does not affect the browsing experience in any manner.

Why do Small Businesses Need to Switch to Responsive Web Design Services?

Today, people are easy and comfortable to operate on their mobile phones. According to a recent Pew study, only 35% of Americans carried a smartphone in 2011, whereas  77 % of Americans now own smartphones in 2018. Now you might just be shocked if you check your web traffic, and how many visitors are reaching to the website with the help of mobile devices.

Nowadays, responsive web design templates are always available everywhere for purchase. For example, if you operate on an online WordPress site, you can see a reputable template gallery like Themeforest. Additionally, a web developer can personalize it for your logo and brand. Thus, we see that responsive web design provide ample scope for use, even by the small businesses, to meet their own requirements.

Top 12 Ways Responsive Web Design Benefits your Business

Responsive web design, which improves your business growth, can easily combine SEO, conversion rates, user experience and other aspects of your business. The many benefits of responsive web design are mentioned below.

1. Cost Effective

Responsive website design decrease development time and cost. A responsive web page optimizes in all the devices including desktops and other mobile viewing devices. The website’s cost is less than two, i.e., if you had two separate websites for desktop and mobiles, and the savings is substantive. So, having a single responsive website is a cost-effective process to boost your SEO rankings. As compared with running two versions of one website, it provides a lower maintenance cost.

2. Higher Recommendations in Google Search

In April 2015, Google introduced recommendations that are connected with responsive web design. Why is it so preferable for Google? Google provides huge information and access, very easily available to the users, and that is totally related to responsive design. It presents a very neat and clean layout which is so important in ranking higher.

3. Efficiency

Operational efforts are reduced by improving efficiency. Instead of maintaining several mobile websites or desktop sites, maintaining a single website that works across all and every device is much simpler in effect. If someone has multiple version of his website to track in Google analytics he can save his money by condensing the whole in one report.

4. Increases Sales And Conversion Rate

Having various sites have some barriers. Responsive design eliminates them and creates a compatible look. It provides customer satisfaction by giving clean and trendy looks to your website.

Therefore, everyone chooses a responsive design for online shopping sites. When someone sells anything online, having a responsive web design is a boost. Through that, the customers make the transactions in a flexible and easy way without any hassles. Customers will leave any online website with frustration if any error occurred. But you really enjoy the privileges of great shopping experience with a responsive design. And, that is beneficial both from the point of view of customers and the business.

5. Time-to-Market

The main benefit of adopting a responsive design is it takes less time than making an additional website. Nowadays, its demand is high, as we need to follow the latest trend of the market.

6. Ensures a Quality User Experience

After making a website, you have to make sure that visitors of this website can’t face any problem. Improving user experience can help in increasing search engine rankings. Even if an article is of good quality, if a user has a problem in navigating or accessing the website, they will not search for it any further. So, one should ensure that he can give a better quality user experience in his site than his competitors.

A user needs to able to find the web page which they want or as their demand is. By developing better user experience, one can increase the spending time of the visitors to his page. Usually, visitors do not leave from the website which they enjoy or find the suitable information which they want.  

7. Most Number of Social Shares

Responsive web pages are found to be more famous between the users, and active users tend to share it more on a social platform. An important trick is that one can link his responsive web pages with a responsive social media button which helps to gain more popularity. After all these, social traffic is also helpful to increase the ranking of the web pages.

8. Less Load Time of Websites

Responsive websites take less time to load regardless of whether one uses a PC or mobile device for viewing it. After adding responsive images and fluid grids, it takes less load time in any of the devices than others. Users mostly leave a page if it takes more than 6 seconds to load, and the websites which take less than or equal to 3 seconds to load are very popular to the users. So one should take care of that.

9. Improves Speed of your Website

Today’s internet users want to experience that a website open with the blink of an eye. Without a responsive web design, it takes too much time to load. People prefer to visit that site that is fast, and where they do not need to wait. Having a responsive web design can help in this aspect of speed. As users get a smoother experience with greater speed with responsive web design.

10. Boosts Your Backlinks

Top quality content with an effective backlinking can result in better performance of your website. Rankings mainly depend on the quality of any content. When any user uses a variable domain, concentrating on one site is not possible. The benefits of building backlinks are that that you increase the responsibility of a website and helps to promote it at the same time.

11. Keeps Bounce Rate Low

Responsible web design is responsible for lower bounce rates. Fortunately, Google properly monitors the bounce rate and improves SEO ranking. We provide the best quality web design for users where they stay your site for a longer period. As the best responsive web design company in USA, we provide excellent services which you can make use of and build a quality website for your business.

12. Better User Experience

SEO ranking improves by improving user experience. Actually, users want to find exactly the web page what they are looking for. Responsive web design makes it easy to be found without any problems. The best thing is that people do not leave a website that provides them with a quality experience. Responsive web pages provide users with just that and much more that makes for great user experience.

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