How to Remove Bad Reviews from Google: Win over the Customers in No Time

Google is considered to be a trusted platform for ranking websites. People mostly use Google to search for their necessary products and services. With time, customers tend to expect more from the brand they are using. If customers are satisfied with your product, they will automatically want some more benefits and features from your products. The problem arises when you fail to meet the expectation of your customers. Thus, customers provide bad reviews for your products and services.

As a businessman, you might worry whether there is a correct way of removing bad reviews from Google or not. Of course, there is a very effective way to remove bad reviews from Google. If you read till the end of the article, then the concept will be clear to you.

Reasons Behind Bad Reviews on Google:

You can get bad reviews due to several reasons and we have discussed some of the important ones for you. Online reputation and brand management together contribute to the success of your business. People prefer to surf the internet before choosing a product or service. They consider customer reviews as testimonials for the goodwill of a brand. In this way, they try to assure that the seller is in a position to solve his customer dilemmas.

You will get bad reviews if your product lags behind the performance expected by the customers. So, if you are a service provider, then bad reviews will occur due to poorly rendered services. Moreover, you will get bad reviews if customers feel that you are charging more than other producers in the industry.

Customers don’t give bad reviews without a reason, in fact, there is an intention behind this action. Actually, they try to inform the producer about the improvements they want in their products and services. They want the producer to improve his products and services as per customer expectations. Until you can meet their expectations, they won’t stop complaining.

Now as a businessman, you need to handle these negative reviews tactfully. You must do something so that the same customers give positive reviews about your products and services.

Powerful Way to Remove Bad Reviews from Google Local Instantaneously:

We have explained the process in three parts as given below:

1. Plan Your Response

It’s important to control your emotions after receiving a bad review from one of your customers. So, if you react, then the customer will be more dissatisfied. Reviews are great determining factors for the success of your business. But, this doesn’t mean that your business is dependent on reviews only. Therefore, you must formulate a strategy to handle the negative review.

It is absurd to think that you will do business but won’t get a bad review. There are ups and downs in business and hence a negative review can appear at any moment. Even today’s successful enterprises have passed through the phase of negative reviews. In fact, these negative reviews have promoted better performance in their businesses. Thus, you too should take it as a challenge and move accordingly.

2. Verify the Authenticity of Reviews

It isn’t wise to think that all the bad reviews are coming from your customers. Sometimes, it can be a trick played by one of your competitors. Thus, you need to check the source of the review and then plan your response accordingly.

Go through your company records to check whether the person who has given a bad review belongs to your customer list or not. If the person is not your customer, then his name won’t be available in your company records. Hence, you are assured that the person is a competitor. So, address that review and apologize for his dissatisfaction. Then, provide your contact information to give the impression that you have failed to identify the person. Finally, flag the review as fraudulent so that others can avoid it while judging your credibility.

Now, what will you do if the person giving a bad review turns out to be your customers? The answer is simple as you need to ask the customer about his dissatisfaction. After knowing where the problem lies, apologize for the problem. Then, assure him/her that he/she won’t have to experience the same issue next time. You will need to apologize even if you are not responsible for this problem. If necessary, then offer a cashback to satisfy the customer to a certain extent.

Provide your contact information so that the discontented customer can communicate with you directly. Moreover, attend the service calls coming out from your customers during busy hours. They will have a bad impression if you ignore their calls. Finally, follow up on the promises that you have made to the particular customer.

3. Stay on Top of Negative Reviews

Remember you must stay on top of negative reviews with immediate solutions. Negative reviews will increase if you are late in addressing the problems of your customers. For serious problems, ask that person the type of compensation he/she would like to have. Then provide the specific compensation to overcome the negative review. If a refund is desirable, then solve the problem with that only. Don’t forget to make follow up calls to assure that the customer is no longer encountering the same issue. Since, the existing customers have the potential to become one of the most powerful promoters of your business, invite them to return to your business.

The Concluding Note…

According to surveys, about 77% of customers rely on customer reviews to judge the credibility of a brand. Reviews won’t disappear automatically until you remove them from Google. It is better to respond to reviews than avoiding it. Therefore, you should take immediate measures to remove bad reviews from Google. If you respond to a negative review, the other customers will feel that you care and listen to the voice of your customers. Otherwise, it will take a horrifying look and affect your business adversely. Therefore, use the tips we have discussed in this article and go ahead with your business.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why is Essential to Remove Bad Reviews from Google?

People are becoming more judgmental before choosing a particular product or service. They take more time and analyze several factors before investing in costly products and services. Customer reviews form a vital basis for their decision-making process. Thus, you should be aware of the reviews you are getting from your customers. If the reviews are negative, then you have to take the required actions for handling them properly.

2. How Can I Deal with Negative Reviews on Google?

After getting a negative review, you will need to control your emotions in the first step. Then try to determine the source of the review. In simple words, you must confirm that the review is provided by a customer only. If the review is given by a competitor, then treat it normally and flag the review as false. On the other hand, if the person is found to be your customer, then assure him/her to solve his/her problem within 24 hours. Thank the customer to share his thoughts and ask him/her to edit the review after the problem is resolved. In the end, fix the problem within the given time period.


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