Common Mistakes that Can Ruin Your SEO Strategy before Publishing Your Website

Social Media Optimization is the primary strategy of making your website visible on the search engine. Until and unless your website ranks high on the search engine, you won’t get traffic for your website. As a result, you will fail to promote your brand along with its products and services to the target audience. Hence SEO has become the most buzzed word in the world of digital marketing.
SEO services plays the role of a powerful tool in your business in respect of growth and expansion. But, most of you aren’t aware of the common mistakes that can ruin your SEO strategy. Thus, we will throw light upon this aspect in a later section of this article so that you can avoid these common mistakes.


Benefits of SEO Strategy for a Business:

The SEO strategy offers the following SEO services to an ongoing company.

Improved Visibility and Ranking

SEO is the only way to let the target audience visit your website and know about your products and services. People highly rely on search engines and visit only those sites which have high rankings. Thus, you need to optimize SEO so that your website can appear on the first page of the search engine results.

Increased Web Traffic

As your website appears among the top search results, people find it reliable to visit your site and make their purchases from it only. As the web traffic of your site increases, the rate of conversion increases as well. It will lead to more sales turnover and higher profits for your business as well.

Understand the Common Mistakes That Can Ruin Your SEO Strategy

Now let’s deal with the common mistakes that you should never forget while developing your SEO strategy.

1. Use of a Single Keyword

Keywords are the foundation of SEO strategies. You won’t get the desired outcome if you focus on one keyword only. Generally, people use a minimum of four words while typing their query. Thus, you need to be extremely creative while using keywords in the content of your website. You will also need to mix up all types of keywords people use in order to improve the visibility of your site. It is a big mistake to stick to a single keyword while writing posts. Hence, you need to develop a set of relevant terms and expressions to use them throughout your content. Use of synonyms and long-tail keywords are vital for maximizing the discoverability of articles.

2. Low-Quality Content

It is not possible to bring traffic to your site with low-quality contents. It, in turn, affects the credibility of your brand and increases the bounce rate. As a result, your website gets a lower ranking on the search engine. Search engines, especially Google, emphasizes on unique and high-quality content while deciding the ranks of websites. Even some websites have been blocked and penalized due to plagiarized contents. Therefore, it is always advisable to split your contents into small and concise paragraphs instead of a huge paragraph. Note that under-performing articles don’t have a clear call to action.

3. Outdated Contents

Google always prefers quality rich and fresh contents. Hence, it is essential to update content of your site every 6 months so that they remain compatible with the latest trend. Moreover, it would be better if you add new data and images on your website. Search engines even people don’t like to visit a website with posts more than two years older. Thus, ensure to revise the old posts so that your website is updated successfully. Add new information and remove outdated ones to refresh evergreen content on your website. Moreover, it will increase the credibility of your contents and preserve it for a long time.

4. Poor Loading Speed

Do you wait for a website that takes more than average time to load on your device? No, you won’t and the same thing goes for others surfing the internet. Loading speed is such a feature that you can’t avoid in order to optimize the SEO for your site. If your website takes one more second to load, then the visitor will switch to another website. Therefore, ensure that your website doesn’t take more than 3 seconds to load on the search engine. So, revise your website on a periodical basis to reduce the bounce rate and avoid poor loading speed. For better results, use a third-party tool to scan your website and determine its loading speed at any location worldwide. Furthermore, you will get suggestions from that tool to boost up the loading speed of your site.

5. Lack of Optimized Images

If you forget to include sufficient images to represent your content, then it will reduce the visibility of the content. Thus, the optimization of visual elements is a primary concern for improvising your SEO strategy. Moreover, images are equipped to convey maximum information that text might fail to do. Sometimes images are useful to depict complicated information without using words. Moreover, you can even remove the boredom of your customers by including images in your content. You can minimize the usage of text on your website by adding images tactfully.

Alternative text is required if the images fail to load correctly on any device. It should be a brief description of the image up to 125 characters.

6. Avoidance of Local SEO

Local SEO is a powerful tool in marketing a brand, particularly for a small business. Moreover, it will enable potential customers to spot your business on their local searches. As a result, it will be easier for interested customers to visit your store near them. The only criteria for optimizing local SEO is to include your Google My Business account along with the proper name and address of your business. Local SEO is the best tool to promote your business locally.

7. Exclusion of Outbound and Inbound Links

Internal backlinks and outbound links are two important parameters of SEO. Search engines like Google while ranking look for outbound links in an article. It’s because article with outbound links are considered to be very authentic. Besides outbound links, internal links in a content help to promote other posts of the particular website. Your SEO will be affected if you ignore any of the outbound or inbound links. But, it doesn’t mean that you are going to add irrelevant links to your articles. Add only those links which will redirect your customers to top-notch articles only.

8. Unresponsive Website

These days the majority of customers prefer to access all websites through their mobiles only. A responsive web design matches the needs of smartphone users as well as those who are working on tablets and laptops.  According to studies, more than half of website traffic comes from mobile devices only. SEO services include mobile responsiveness for ranking a website high on the search engine.

Hence, you will lose customers if your website isn’t accessible on all devices. Your website is the best way to persuade customers to buy your products and services for taking your business to the next level. Thus, it’s necessary to run an optimized website and gaining more and more customers day by day.

9. Lack of Optimized URLs

Search engines identify contents by using the URLs given in an article for deciding its ranking. The SEO will be affected if you forget to optimize the URL by leaving it filled with meaning symbols. Therefore, keep every URL of your website short, keyword-rich and at the same time informative. Moreover, modify the URLs from time to time so that it looks nice.

10. Utilization of Web Analytics

It is the last mistake in our list that several webmasters commit while developing their SEO strategy. Web analytics greatly matters for search engines to recognize your site for ranking. It will be a mistake if you emphasize instincts instead of valuable data. Google Analytics is one such tool that can help you regarding web analytics. If you open an account, then you will be able to trace the traffic sources, session duration, acquisitions, bounce rate, and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the benefits of SEO services?

SEO services are beneficial for ranking your website on the first page of the search result. If your site appears among the top ten searches, then people will find it reliable to visit your website for products and services they are looking for. As a result, it creates brand awareness and facilitates the rate of conversion.

  1. What are the common mistakes that can ruin your SEO strategy?

Focusing on one keyword, creating low-quality contents, ignoring the loading speed of a site are some of the common mistakes for an SEO strategy. You will lose visitors if your site doesn’t match the latest trends. Lack of optimized images, URLs, and web analytics can have adverse effects on the ranking of your website. Therefore, it’s important to be careful and stay away from these mistakes as much as possible.


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